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« You have to hear and see him on stage with his musicians, delighting the audience with that special tone of voice, its warmth, its power, just the right dose of sensuality and humour, and, above all, the essential for any crooner : the class. The big one. »
Strasbourg Magazine

Inspiring! This is the word that comes to mind when looking at Pascal VECCA's superb career.

This French singer and songwriter, with Italian, German and Polish origins, had the daring to listen to his dreams, his instinct and his heart! He didn't hesitate to throw away the communication executive suit of his former life, in which he felt cramped. Suddenly, everything became clear to him: he would give his heart and soul to music, to the stage and to the audience.
A courageous and resounding decision that immediately put him on the road to singing.

Quickly, his new life reserves him happy rewards (Laureate of the Distinction René Coll Rose d'Or, among others) and incredible encounters. We find him on the stages in Paris and in the rest of France and opening for Olivia Ruiz, Michel Delpech, Patrick Sébastien...

Artist with eclectic influences (Daniel Balavoine, A-ha, Queen, Frank Sinatra, Depeche Mode, ...), he is a real multi-talent musical performer! He first focused on swing, with his first album of compositions Vu de haut (2009). His second album, Les Crooners à l'honneur (2014) - and the eponymous show - is a tribute to the great international jazz voices.

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On stage, we discover him in turn crooner, rocker, animal, sensitive, magnetic and full of humor!
A pure charisma, an authenticity, a humanity that slip into the warmth of his voice, powerful and deep, that exist in his whole person and that bring him the unfailing loyalty of his fans.

Let's not be confused by the diversity of his repertoire, because Pascal VECCA is guided by the same will, the same powerful and generous motor: to federate! Indeed, what better way to bring people together than to sing love, to pay tribute to the King in the famous Europa Park, to perform national anthems with brio in stadiums, to illuminate souls with Christmas songs, to create and sing the official anthem of Racing Club of Strasbourg Alsace? Just that!

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From 2016 to 2018, he took a break from his solo career and became one of the main artists in the musical shows at Europa Park (Rust, Germany), where he provided over 700 performances. With Ornella De Santis, Elisabeth Schuller and Aswintha Vermeulen. Photo: Ralph Duffner

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In 2019, he dedicated an album to Christmas songs and was one of the guests at the launch of the Christmas Illuminations in Strasbourg, with Chimène Badi and Anaïs Delva (the performer of Disney's Frozen) and enchanted the 20,000 spectators at Place Kléber with his performance of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

A new EP in 2022

Today, Pascal VECCA wants to explore other musical ways and launches a new project of personal compositions, with a new pop touch, of which we had an amuse-bouche with the release of the single Torrents Of Tears and the video clip end of 2020.

A new clip, Danse! was released in July 2022 and an 6-tracks EP will be available in Fall 2022.
A new opus, in French and in English, in which we could discover all the nuances and emotions that make life.

An artist with a big heart, he has also been involved with disabled pupils from the Soufflenheim and Pfulgriesheim high schools in Alsace, in the creation of the song Ensemble - for which he wrote the text and melody - and a video clip, a genuine and powerful anthem for tolerance, congratulated by the most famous French songwriter, Jean-Jacques Goldman, in person.

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He has performed several times national anthems at La Meinau Stadium in Strasbourg (here for a France-Germany Women's match) and is the songwriter and singer of "Nous ne sommes pas onze, mais des milliers", the official anthem of Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace.

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